What breeds of dairy cattle are at PaPa Simpson’s Farm?
Holstein and Jersey cows are milked at the farm. Holsteins are black and white and Jerseys are brown

Which breed of cows give the most milk and which breed gives the highest percentage of butterfat?
Holsteins give the most milk averaging about 3.5% butterfat, 60 lbs. (7 gallons) of milk per cow per day. Jerseys give the highest percentage of butterfat, averaging about 4.8% butterfat and producing 45 lbs. (5 gallons) of milk per cow per day.

What percentage of butterfat is in whole milk?
Whole milk is 3.20 % butterfat.

What has become the most popular farm animal being grown on farms today?
More goats are being grown on farms today because of the increased demand from the Hispanic population.

One the average, how many piglets does a mama pig (sow) have per litter and how many litters each year?
A sow averages 12 piglets per litter and she has 3 litters per year. One sow averages producing 36 piglets per year.

What parish is PaPa Simpson’s Farm located in?
PaPa Simpson’s Farm is located in the southeast corner of Claiborne Parish in North Central Louisiana.

What is in MiMi’s Country Cupboard?
MiMi’s Country Cupboard is in the house that was built by Pa Fred and Miss Nan. The house has been refurbished by Miss Pam and here we sell souvenirs, snacks, drinks, jellies, sauces, cheese, and our special T-shirts.

Is PaPa Simpson’s Farm a petting zoo?
PaPa Simpson’s Farm allows visitors to pet a few baby animals. The female visitors even get to kiss a pig. A cross section of farm animals are exhibited and visitors are educated about a few basic facts of each animal. Crops grown on the farm, a vegetable garden, fruit trees, and berries are given equal importance during the tour. Visitors are given a geography and history lesson with the Louisiana Hay Maze. But the most important part of the tour is that visitors get to witness and experience the aesthetic value of the rolling hills, pastures, trees, and a working farm that God has shared with our family.

Is PaPa Simpson’s Farm open only for school groups?
No, PaPa Simpson’s Farm is also open for day care centers, nursing homes, church groups, clubs, companies, reunions, individuals, or families. Just call for available dates and let us share our farm life with you.

What is the backbone of America’s economy?
Agriculture. We must have the ability to feed the people of our great country. Otherwise, inner turmoil will destroy the USA as has happened with other countries.

What is the most important part of the tour to us?
The most important part of the tour to us is that we hope you have had a fun learning experience and that you will tell your family, friends, co-workers, and any others about us. Then we hope that you will come back again as the farm life changes with the seasons of the year. We hope that your visit has been an experience “Where learning comes to life!”

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